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Incompetent Cervix

Hey ladies, So I have recently been told I have a incompetent cervix. I have my first babe c section at 24 weeks due to this. Really want another baby. Im terrified. I cant begin to explain all the fears and what ifs running through my brain right now. Tell me there are success stories out there. I need some hope..

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I'm so sorry to hear about your condition. But happy to tell you that there is a treatment called ‘Cerclage’ is available to deal with incompetent cervix. It is a procedure that sews the cervix closed to reinforce the weak cervix and is usually performed between week 14-16 of pregnancy. And then these sutures will be removed after 36 weeks of your pregnancy. And the success rate for this good is about 80 – 90%. So be happy and consult your doctor for more understanding.

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