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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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2 Wives TTC 1st time- At Home Insemination- STRESSSS

Ive turned to this site because I just need someone to talk to. My wife and I are TTC using at home insemination. Im the one trying to get pregnant. Her brother is our donor. We started trying only 2 months ago. Will try for round 3 in about 2 weeks. Its hard man. Ive wanted this my whole life and thought id be thrilled to start trying but im just so stressed. I want it so bad that I feel like im just putting so much pressure on myself to get that BFP. Its also pretty uncomfortable when the time rolls around. Its important to us to have him as a donor to have our child be as close to being my wifes child as possible. Weve decided its this way or adoption but I SOOO want to be pregnant. I don't enjoy any part of trying to get pregnant using my brother in laws....stuff. I just want it to work to get it over with ya know! I guess Im just looking for someone who is going through or who has gone through this to talk to.

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