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Ttc #2 - excited but terrified!


Is there anyone out there who wants a chat?

We've finally reached a point where we seem to be seriously starting to ttc #2 (depending on blood test results tomorrow). Largely I'm pretty excited about this, but am somewhat worried by the times when excitement gets replaced by fear.

My husband has been off long term sick with severe depression for much of 2016 so I am anxious that another baby might make him ill again. Our relationship has also definitely taken a battering from both that and our high needs little girl - we're still very in love, but have no time to ourselves and our sex life is a disaster at the moment. I worry about a baby making it ten times worse.

With our first, we also had a very traumatic delivery and I had undiagnosed ppd, underactive thyroid and our baby had undiagnosed silent reflux and screamed pretty much nonstop for months!

So I don't really have positive memories to fall back on!

We also suffered an ectopic in September so it's a bit hard to get my brain past the worry that both times we tried to reproduce, were it not for modern medicine I would be dead! :-/

But our little girl is incredibly keen to have a sibling and I would love another little person as fantastic as her. So after all that rambling, I suppose I would love some buddies who possibly understand but also want to chat

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