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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Implantation bleeding followed by very delayed period. Help needed.

My partner and I have been TTC, I have been pregnant before but mc at 11 weeks. I feel similar to what I did before, nauseous, tender breasts amongst other symptoms. I had implantation bleeding (similar to before so 99% sure that's what it is) at 12/13 dpo, pink spotting only when I wiped, lasted around 2 days.

Then two days after it stopped my period arrived (6/7 days late), lasted for 3 days which is a LOT shorter than usual as I always bleed for a week or more.

It stopped yesterday and today I have had brown and pink spotting again which looks similar to before and is only a small amount when I wipe. Is it possible I could still be pregnant although I had a regular(-ish) flow. I feel like I may still be pregnant. Has anyone else had this with a positive outcome? Any advice would be so helpful!

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Hi jesshaz93, I'm sure this won't be news to you or anything but have you taken a pregnancy test? If so what do they say? This sounds a bit like a chemical pregnancy/early miscarriage (spotting before and after an AF-like flow...) but there are many other possibilities. You can also go to your doctor and ask for a blood test to get a really clear number. Hopefully you can get some answers soon

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