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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Confused? I need some answers!

Hi guys, i am new to this site! So me and my husband have been trying to concieve for about 5 months now. A couple weeks ago, (12/15) i woke up and was bleeding i knew it wasn't my menstrual because my cycle starts around the 2nd or 3rd of every month. It was very bright red and pinkish a little clotty and stringy bits (sorry of t.m.i) but we're all women here lol. I had mild cramping but nothing too bad. It lasted a couple hours.. I didn't even fill up a pad. So, the next day i take pregnancy test, negative. The bleeding stopped.. Everything was back to normal. Expect for when me and hubby dtd, i have really bad cramping or what feels like muscle spasms.. I went to my o.b because i was scared it was something serious. I have never bled inbetween my cycle, tests came bacl normal, ultrasound, pelvic exam, all normal. But i begin getting hot flashes, cry spells, mood swings all pms symptoms, but it wasn't like normal i just felt really wierd, a couple days i begin bleeding i believe it was the 23rd, i wasn't supposed to start my cycle for like another 10 days, it was heavy clotty, and i had alot of major back pain. It lasted about 4 or 5 days, but I'm still having like pink tinged discharge, im super nauseous all of the time. But i never actually vomit, i get really dizzy and lightheaded, boobs are super tender and sore, especially on the sides by my armpit. I cannot sleep at night at all. Just can't get comfortable. I get jolting pains in my lower abdomen. Something just isn't right. Im tired all of the time, probably bc i cant sleep at night lol... Has anyone ever had period like bleeding and still ended up pregnant? Im so tempted to take a pregnancy test... But i don't wanna be disappointed and feel crazy. I know they are not all in my head.
Any advice?

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