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Chance of being pregnant after heavy bleed

Hi ladies i wrote a post a few days ago about my crazy heavy cycles that are 24 days in length. I had a positive pregnancy test last year followed by spotting a hcg level 12 at the drs and obviously the pregnancy ended second time i have been through that but luckily i had my amazing daughter in 2015.

I have sort of bern on and off trying for baby number 2. We tend to only get around to sex 2-3? Times a month due to work and being parents. Anyway i always get a taste of metal in my mouth before a positive test.

On the 13th December i had my period. We dtd late at night on the 22nd. A week later i got the metallic taste. But tests i did 3 2 and 1 day before af were negative,

My af is usually 24 days and occasionally i may go 25 days. Day 24 and 25 went. Day 26 came with just tinted cm. the next day an extremely light period started. Then it sorter got heavier and seemed to take longer to finish than normal.

5 days after af stopped i had tinted cm. for 2-3 days i had the odd bit of pink but then it went normal again. For the last 4-5 days i have felt mild queasiness and had an upset tummy. I keep crying or feeling down in the dumps. I feel frustrated and irritable and tired.

The chances of me being pregnant after that bleed im guessing are extremely slim but i just don't feel right.

What do u ladies think?

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