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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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TTC #3 I need some buddies!

Hi Ladies,

I'm currently trying to have my 3rd, i'm not sure if it will happen for me as i'm currently battling thyroid problems which has led doctors to diagnose me with Hasimoto's disease which can cause issues for fertility. Currently they do not think i'm ovulating on my own so i will need Clomid at some point but they want me to 'try' on my own for at least 6 months before they consider me for it.

I've got 2 munchkins right now, my daughter is 4 and my son is almost 2. They are everything to me and I love them dearly but i'd love to have a family with 3 kids, so much fun and so many great family gathering. If my body decides that there are no more babies then thats fine too, me and DH have decided we do not want to do IUI or IVF we will try the clomid if it comes to that but nothing more, mainly because it's very costly and i know it would be stressful for us.

I hope that i can welcome some ladies to my journey, and also follow along in theirs This will be a place to vent, share happiness, share sadness and anything else!

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