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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Impossible possibly

Need help
Hi I'd appreciate if someone would share their experience from previous pregnancies

Dtd only cd8 suppose to ovulate cd14
Took clear blue opk digital cd12 negative but didn't hold urine long enough and not concentrated blank face took it held it for 3 hours still low fertility sign ...9pm feel asleep woke up 3am cd13 positive solid smiley face cramps cd14
Here 4 or 5 dpo had an itchy feeling thought maybe onset of yeast infection went to neeeeever had this. But wiped an I can't call it spotting bc it wasn't a spect it was reddish more pinkish blood when I wiped few times that was it I was definitely caught off guard now here cd21 heavy pressure frequent urination possible uti been drinking water just wanted to know is it possible that I could've maybe had some sort of implantation ? I know people have mid cycle spotting I know things changed but I never in my life had that what do u think suppose to start period may8th and these small headaches that won't go away

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