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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Clomid, late period, one confused lady could use some TTC buddies

Let me start out by saying for a year now I have been searching the web for answers, help, etc but never made my own thread.I always get frustrated when no updates after finding answers so my promise is to give my results.So here I am and here is my story. Last April I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks along. This September me and my partner decided to try again And had zero luck. Turns out I was not ovulating my doctor gave me medroxypr to jump start my period and clomid to take days 5-9. My last period was April 6th I am normally a 30 day cycle person but here it is may 11th and no period. I took hpt test on may 4th,may 7th and may 8th l negative. Yesterday may 10th I had pink discharged when I wiped in the a.m but nothing since. I have checked my cervix( I know you shouldn't) it is high (hard to reach honestly) but when I do reach its hard and open but it keeps tilting so I'm not sure if its open. I go to my doctors in 5 days. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this and what their outcome was. Could use someone to talk to. Feel like I am losing it.

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Hi there Makennasmommy,

I'm currently having a similar issue! AF is 4 days late but clomid may have delayed my next cycle if I'm not pregnant yet. I took it CD 5-9. I've been cramping for about 4 days and nothing yet. I had a streak of possible blood in pantyliner 5 days ago. Nothing when I wiped. I've tested every day since but all BFN. Did you find out anything yet?

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