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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hello everyone!!!

I was on femara on different doses but did not work

Might start on injections, gonadotropin. Anyone had success with injection? Any twins or triplets stories from injections? Since i heard it's a higher risk for multiples.

Was it really pricey?

Thank you!!!

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I'm in the TWW (7 DPO) with my first cycle of Femara & menopur/ovridrel injections. So I can't give you any success/failure rate yet, but they did their job in terms of growing multiple follicles well and so I likely released 2 good eggs this cycle. Yes it was pricey. For 5 doses of menopur it was $820, and 1 ovidrel was $140. So just shy of $1000 for the injectibles. Not all women have to use all 5 vials of menopur, but I did.

Its more pricey if you do the IUI, which I opted not to do because our issue is recurrent pregnancy loss so I don't think we have a swimmer issue. So we just did timed intercourse.

We are worried about the risk of multiples, it does make me a bit anxious.

Good luck! happy to keep in touch!

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