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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Can I join you ladies ?
I've been ttc number 2 since Oct/Nov 2015 just a couple of months after dd was born. She took best part of 2 years to conceive .

And here I am ! Trying everything in the book!

I'm finding it harder this time round, I'm not just hoping for a baby of my own again, but a friend/ sibling for life for my dd! She loves baby's, she always wants cuddles and won't leave them alone! Which then brings tears in my eyes!

Dr told me I will fall pregnant and that I basically should appreciate what I had as she sees people all the time who are struggling and don't have any children!
I also feel people don't take me seriously as I'm 25 ! And that people have no issues on there 20's and I have loads of fertile years left!

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