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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Okay, so I feel like I may be going crazy. I'm wondering if anyone has had a situation similar to this and had a BFP:

My boyfriend and I have been trying to get pregnant and I came off BC a couple of months ago. AF was due 6/01. My BF and I were going away to celebrate our 6 year anniversary and I just felt crappy the whole weekend. On 6/4 AF was 3 days late so I took a HPT which I swore was a faint positive but it was too hard to tell, so I decided to test again a few days. I took two more HPT and both were BFN. AF showed up on 6/8 but wasn't as heavy as usual and only lasted 3 days. I didn't think much of it and just assumed I was out this month. The whole week I felt pretty sick but I run a home daycare and often catch whatever bug is being passed around. About 3 days ago on 6/14 I felt really sick like I was getting a stomach virus and threw up that night. I felt better after I threw up but the next two mornings I have been experience food aversions, stomach cramping and extreme nausea, all coming and going throughout the day but mainly subsiding at night. I also have a decreased appetite and am finding it very hard to eat.

Has anyone had a similar experience and been pregnant!
Sending baby dust your way!

PS. I would be 6 weeks and 1 day if I am pregnant

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Have you taken another test yet hun?
If not I would do that first thing because that does sound like morning sickness. If you tested days before your period chances are you could have had a faint positive and not realized it. Some women even bleed a little bit around the time that your period would show up. Have you been tracking your period? It could be that you had a longer cycle than usual and that's why the tests showed up negative. I'm just throwing out ideas here because that is really weird that you have morning sickness or what seems like morning sickness.

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Test again

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