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Need some advice please

I am not really sure where to post this but I could really do with some advice and information.

I'll start from the beginning.

I bled for 7 weeks so my gp referred me for a scan. By time scan come I had stopped bleeding. She said everything was fine and couldn't see where the bleeding had done from. Well 3 days ago I got a letter to make a phone appointment with my gp. I spoke to her yesterday and she asked how the scan went etc. I knew there had to be something wrong cus I've never had to make a appointment after anything before. Then she goes on to tell me there are cysts on my ovarys and said it looks like I have polycystic ovary syndrome. So this explains why I've not been able to get pregnant in the last 5 years. I'm gutted. So does this mean I will never have anymore children? I've got to book for blood tests when I start af. I don't even know how long I've had it. It's only been picked up cus of the scan. I'm actually crying. What happens now? What does all this mean? Thank you for taking time to read this

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Lots of people with pcos have healthy happy pregnancies. I was diagnosed with it a few years ago, and actually on the last scan I had there was no evidence of it anymore (although I didn't have the syndrome, as my hormone levels were normal (which will be picked up in your blood tests)) - so as quickly as it comes, it can go too. It does make ttc more difficult, but doesn't make it impossible. I have other complications which have affected ttc for me, but stick at it - chances are you may have had it a while, possibly even through your other pregnancies and obviously you've had those happy endings x

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Sorry you're having a hard time with this news. Like Red said, lots of people with PCOS have healthy pregnancies. I have had PCOS for 15+ years and there have been plenty of tears shed. It is hard news to swallow, especially when it sounds like there is no hope. There are many factors and a variety of categories for PCOS, so it depends on where you fall as to what difficulties you might experience. While I have yet to see a BFP, there are many success stories out there. The best thing is to look into treatment and if needed, seeing a fertility specialist. It will just take a little bit extra work to make an extra special baby. I am now onto injectable medications with IUI (one step away from IVF), so if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Good luck and FX for you!

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I have pcos and am currently laying on the couch with my one month old so a pregnancy is absolutely possible. You may need some medical interventions to help you out but they can be anywhere from taking pills to help you ovulate all the way to ivf. We went through everything except an iui to get to where I am now but that's only because my husband had issues too so there were extra things stacked against us. I hope that as awful as it may seem now you are able to find what works for you quickly and everything works out in your favor.

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