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TTC after a MMC

Hi Ladies,

I find myself back in the TTC group after a MMC on the 23/10/17. I should have been 12 weeks but unfortunately our precious baby was only measuring 6 with no heartbeat.
DH and I were devastated we had been ttc baby no2 for 9 months and the timings just seemed so perfect.
It took a long 2 weeks for the baby to actually pass with the help of medical management and the bleeding has now stopped.

I am now awaiting my first period so that we can start TTC again as we are desperate for a sibling for our DS.

Do any of you have positive stories of a healthy pregnancy and birth after a MMC? I know if I do manage to get pregnant again I will be so stressed about it happening again going through all that time thinking I am still pregnant only to find out it all went wrong weeks ago.

Thank you in advance and baby dust to all of you here in your TTC journeys.

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So sorry to hear about your mmc
I had one in November 2014 and it’s heaetbreaking

I had my rainbow baby may 2016 afte falling pregnant August 2015
I had numerous chemicals in between as I think I didn’t let mr body heal as I had a d and c

It will happen Hun just try to take it easy and not stress I know easy to say but it didn’t help me at all

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