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Pressure to not have another 🙁

Hi guys,
I was just wondering if anyone could relate really, I had a tough birth with my first 10 years ago and then a bit worse with my second 3 years ago. However, I was never truly sure I was finished having family and always secretly thought of a third. The problem is my Family, whenever the subject has ever slightly been brought up I've been told that I cannot have any more and "it would be a disaster". I feel quite annoyed thst people think its their place to say that, also the way thst it is said is like they are telling me im not allowed anymore and they have also said hubby should get the snip!
Now, I know it comes from a place of concern but it leaves me feeling incredibly uncomfortable and sad to the point that I feel if I did fall pregnant again I would hide it for as long as possible to avoid the horrible reactions.
I never needed help from them either, so it's not like they would be concerned they would have to pitch in. I'm very over protective of the kids and they babysit less than once a month and never overnight.
Mabye I'm being too sensitive?
I think I just needed to let that out!
Thanks for reading!

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It's so annoying. We have 6 living children and unfortunately lost 3, plus 3 mc.

From having my 4th child I have constantly been told that I have enough children, not to have any more, and that hubby needs to have the snip.
I wouldnt mind but none of the people that offer this wonderful advice ever look after our children. It's literally nobody elses business if you want another 5 babies. So rude.

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Hi loraloo!
So sorry to hear of your losses, you would think people would be a little more sensitive wouldn't you?
It just drives me crazy, I would never say something like that to someone, it's none of my business. Also I obviously am aware of the experiences I had so it's not like I'm unaware of the (possible) complications of a third, but I love my kids, and I love being a busy family as does my husband so ultimately it's up to us. Leave us be!
It's worse just now as I'm going through a mega broody phase, I had my implant out due to side effects driving me crazy and I think my hormones have gone off the chart! Haha!

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I say bugger them and their opinions. Your life, your body, your choice. We got 'Logan should get the snip' after I announced I was pregnant with our 3rd. Uh no. If we decide we don't want a 4th then yes but at this point we are undecided. We choose to go forward again and got 'if it's another boy you will have to have a 5th'. Not happening! We talked about it but both agree there will not be a 5th unless we adopt. If you want another don't let the opinions of others put you off the idea. You are not letting down anyone by making your own choices. People really do need to back off and stop acting like their opinions count.

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