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Natural minded ~ conception and beyond

Hi! I thought I'd make a place where other natural minded women with a focus on wholistic health practices can chat while we TTC

What wholistic approaches are you taking to support your health for conception?
What changes do you want to make that you might need help/encouragement with?

I most definitely need to clean up my diet. I have a bad sugar addiction I need to break.

I'm drinking a herbal tea (cold infused) for balancing hormones. It's not pregnancy safe so I am only drinking it prior to ovulation. After ovulation I think I will just drink one for anxiety.
I'm also taking vitex, doing vaginal steams for three days as soon as AF finishes, and doing self mayan massage techniques several times a day between AF and ovulation.

Ive been ntnp for 7 months (longer, but that's how long my cycles have been back for) so its time to get serious about it and make healthier choices in the meantime.

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I have a sugar issue too. Isn't an easy one to break!
What is a vaginal steam?!?

You probably know what I'm doing this cycle so I won't bore you with the details again lol

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