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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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TTC and need help and advice.

Hi guys!
So my husband and I are TTC since the end of October. I was on birth control for about 7 months before that. I've been on birth control before and none of what I'm about to tell you had happened before. It's a long story, but DH and I were in a long distance relationship before we got married at the end of October.

TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION: Yes long distance relationships work if you both put in a lot of work and effort. (:

We started off using condoms as contraceptives, but weren't enjoying the feeling and texture of the condoms, so we switched to control. I stopped my birth control after we got married because we decided to TTC. I had my period coming off the pill. It's now January and I haven't had a period since my last one ended on November 4th. I saw my doctor because we thought there could be a possibility that I was positive (I had a lot of symptoms all of which were explained as the flu and a few other things later) and she said I wasn't pregnant, but to keep trying and gave me prenatal vitamins and folic acid. I know folic acid has in some cases caused sore nipples and boobs, but I've been on folic acid before and it's never happened to me. Anyways, I've been taking my pills every day now since she prescribed them and she told me not to worry about missing my periods since I was irregular before I was on birth control. Today, it's been 4 days that my nipples have been hurting really bad. I've never had this happen before. The last time my nipples hurt that bad, I was going through puberty and I shot from an A cup to a C cup within 2 weeks. I have also been dizzy (3 days) a lot (loss if balance) and have had headaches (4 days) and I've been nauseous. Last time I checked (because my periods are random, I do HPT every month just to make sure I'm not pregnant.) I did a HPT on January 4th and it was negative. Not sure how soon to check again. Any advice on when I should check again? I was going to wait until Monday (January 22nd) to see if my nipples still hurt to test then. Is it possible I'm pregnant?

Again, I've never had sore nipples like this before since puberty hit me and I'm not having a reaction to folic acid because I've been on it before and the sore nipples thing never happened. Also, I'm sorry if this post is TMI...

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hi Rubber,

I'm also TTC, not temping, just keeping an eye on CM and twinges to spot O and seeing what happens. Have had several symptoms since what I think was O day but they could just be symptom spotting. I think I am now 9 DPO. Yesterday at 8 DPO my nipples became reeaally sore, big and red from the afternoon until evening, this is not usual for me. Boobs were also sore but that's normal for me past ovulation. Today my nipples are not as painful, right-one has gone back to its normal colour, left-one is still a little red.

What happened since your post? My husband and I spent 4 years long distance when we first got together? Did you get your BFP??

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