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Can Soy Isoflavones work with no period?

I am 7 months post-Mirena and I've only had one period (actually it was just a withdraw bleed from taking estrogen and progesterone from my OB.) Still on the withdraw bleed cycle, I had a postive opk/ovulation microscope ferns on CD 10 and now I'm on CD 29 with no period and no BFP or any PMS signs. It's looking like I didn't ovulate at all afterall and I have had previous months with positive opks/ovulation microscope ferns that also didn't bring a period.

If my body can't produce a period on it's own, will taking Soy Isoflavones now help me ovulate? The soonest OB appt I could get is over three weeks from now and I'm 37, so time is precious.

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It can definitely induce ovulation this a period yes, but it doesn't work for everyone. It did for me. Personally i would just hold tight til your appt at this stage and go from there.

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