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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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No AF after forced withdraw bleed - What's next?

I am 7 months post-Mirena and I've only had one AF (actually it was just a withdraw bleed from taking estrogen and progesterone from my OB. They did an ultrasound and my lining was very thin. But, after this treatment, I had a normal looking AF) Still on the withdraw bleed cycle, I had a positive OPK/ovulation microscope ferns on CD 10 and now I'm on CD 29 with no AF and no BFP or any PMS signs. It's looking like I didn't ovulate at all afterall and I have had previous months with positive opks/ovulation microscope ferns that also didn't bring an AF. DH and I are both 37.

I don't see the OB for 3 more weeks. What do you think the next step for me will be for me at the OB (or RE if they send me to one)? Do you think they would prescribe Clomid or a similar drug?

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Iím not sure about prescription drugs to help with TTC but you never mentioned how long you were on the Mirena, it can take a VERY VERY long time for your body to regulate and begin a normal menstrual cycle. So it could be somewhat normal to not have a proper AF as of yet (or may not) Hopefully once you have your appointment you can find out more xx

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