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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Need advice am worried :-(

I dont know if im posting this in the right place but any advice or similar experiences would be brill x

I had my implant out last june and since then my periods have been very irregular (35-40 day+ cycles) and when they do come they are extremely heavy and painful. I have also had spotting inbetween.

Me and oh have been ntnp since june and apart from a chemical nothing has happened (we both have kids from previous relationships so not too worried on that side of it).

I did think my cycles might be off because i stopped bc but its coming up to 8 months now would of thought i would be back to normal by now .

Thanks x

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Iím no expert on this but my thoughts would be as youíve been NTNP you may not have been having intercourse regularly on your most fertile days. Also you mentioned spotting in between so Iím guess although your cycles are regularly varying between 35-40days long the spotting may indicate not all is completely back to normal as of yet. Lastly I have heard it can take a long time for your body to regulate depending on your body and how it reacts and ofc how long youíve been On contraception. You didnít mention how long you had it in for but Iíd assume if for more then the 8months itís been out, Iíve heard it can take sometimes longer then the time youíve had it in to get back to normal. For example 1year on contraception could take 18months to get back on track..hth..Xx

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