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The 'OFFICIAL' Ex Mirena Thread

Hi Girls

Thought it would be cool to start OUR very own thread. We can compare notes, ask advice, talk about our cycles etc etc.

Anyway, ill start.

Im sharron, 31.
I have 2 boys oliver who is 8 and max who is 5 and ttc number 3.
Had the mirena for 5 years, had it taken out on 30th June.
3rd cycle of ttc and CD11 (hoping to ovulate in the next week).
Just started charting and using CBFM.

Here is the testing chart below.

Ex-Mirena TTCers Official Testing Thread Sept/Oct 2010

Louise1985 testing 24th Sept
MrsPOP testing 26th Sept
Shazmos testing 28th Sept
Cliqmo testing Sept 28th
Kracker testing Oct 5th
KittyKatBabe testing Oct 7th
CouldThisBeIt testing Oct 12th
giggle_gurl88 testing ???
TTCbabynmber2 testing ???
sls612 testing ???
mommyof3co testing ???now???


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Hiya, I'll join you!
Im Ali, 28.
DH and I have been married for 3yrs and have no children.
Had the mirena for 3.5 years, had it taken out on 13th August.
1st cycle of ttc and 3DPO
Haven't used charting or gadgets this month but may start next cycle if no BFP

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hey me too

im louise 25 and OH 28
have a son dylan who is coming upto 3 and TTC#2
had merina for 2 and half years and had it out on 22nd july
on 2nd cycle and 3DPO at the mo

look forward to comparing notes

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Yay! Thanks for sorting this thread out Sharron!!!

Everyone is more than welcome to yoink my 'ex-mirena TTCer' glitter thingie too for their signatures!

Im Laura, aged 27. DH is 32. Been together 6 years, very happily married for nearly 2.
Never been pregnant in my life.
Long history of progesterone treatment and BCPs due to painful periods.
Mirena in for 4 years due to undiagnosed Endo. I absolutely loved the Mirena, it changed my life and had very few side effects.
Removed Mirena 5th August 2010 for TTC #1.
Had one cycle with ovulation on CD18 and AF appearing on CD28.
Currently on CD17 of 2nd cycle, darkening OPKs but no positive yet. Suffering with Left sided ovulation pain as we speak!
Using OPKs, temping and checking CM. I love Fertility Friend charting!
Not on any supplements apart from Pregnacare Vits for the Folic Acid goodness.

So excited about TTC!!!!

Good luck to all my fellow ex-Mirenas for their

to all!

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Yep, I'll throw my hat in for this group.

I'm Louise, I'm 32 and I had the Mirena for just 8 months. My side effects were so awful, I couldn't stand it.

It was removed three months ago and I've had 2 cycles ttc. I have one daughter, aged 6, and we are trying to happily enlarge our small family.

The witch just got me, so I'm waiting to OV around the 28th of the month, and will be using OPKs, CM and CP.

I really hope to see the BFPs flying up here, give me hope!

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I'm in, I am Tracey, 31 had the mirena for 18 months and had terrible side effects which nearly cost me my marriage. I had it out 26th june (i think). We are ttc #2 going into second cycle. hope we all get bfp's soon. I have seen threads saying about the horror stories with the Mirena, but I don't know what they are, are they side effect or ttc stories? Or is it best not to know xx

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Count me in! Im Tamra age 21 and DH age 35. We have been together for almost 2 years and married for almost one. I have 2 children from my previous marriage, girl 3, boy 2 and he has 2 children from his previous marriage boy 15 and girl 11. We would like to have our very own little bean together. I had mirena for just 6 months and it caused me to have horrible Ovarian Cysts so I had to have it removed!

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Hi ladies :)

Hi ladies my name is Ada I'm 23 I have a two year old boy (almost 3) and have had my mirena in for about 2 yrs. my bf and I just decided it's time to add another baby to our family! I have the appointment to get my mirena removed in two weeks so we can start ttc. I am soo excited and I thought I should join so I can get as much info as possible on how to conceive because my first baby was not planned at all and we are hoping to get pregnant asap. if you all could help me learn the ttc lingo that would be helpful too lol

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I'm Staci and I had my Mirena removed in August 2010 after 3 great years. DH and I both turned 30 this summer and we've been married for just over 3 years. We are in our first cycle TTC for baby #1. Currently CD 30 but not sure how long it will be, since while I had my Mirena I didn't get AF for a year or better (which was tops!).

Glad to meet some fellow ex-Mirena gals!

Ada - there is a very helpful "abbreviations and lingo" forum here:

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Wow great to hear from you girls.

I have to say i thought the mirena was great for the first 4 (out of 5 years) years having no periods was fab!!!

But interestingly reading Kracker's post, this last year i have turned into a mental/psycho women. Paranoid, stressed, depressed, anger spurts, i didnt put it down to the coil at all as i had been fine for so many years, but when i read up on it i found out that it can 'wear out' after 4 years causing all the above symptoms.

DP nearly left me many times, and fair play to him if he had (i was horrendous).

Since having it out in June i have been a new person. DP is very happy that i no longer throw plates at his head!! Winner

Im on CD 12 today and my opk's are getting darker. Fingers cross i get a positive and a peak on my cbfm, as the boys are with their dad all weekend.


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