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Congrats Fluter! Nursing is the best field to be in right now.
Not much going on here lately. Just been busy with the little one. Hes keeping me on my toes! Im so ready for warm weather so I can get out and walk. Im as big as a house right now! I stopped the BC shot and have lost some weight since but still nowhere near what I need to lose. I feel horrible!
Hope everyone is doing well!

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Hi everyone. Although my journey of ttc is over I still think of everyone that I've gotten to know on here. I peek once in a while hoping for great news!

My girls turned 3 last week. It's been wild ride for sure.

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So I ended up with what I guess was a chemical pregnancy. I never started my period so I took a test and it was positive. I kept getting light positives over the next three days and then they started to fade away. I finally started a cycle 10 days late. It was awful and painful. I'm glad that it wasn't ectopic. I was actually not ready mentally to deal with another pregnancy. I was purposely not having sex during my fertile week but I guess I was off somewhere. So after my friend from WA leaves here I'm hitting the gym and diet plan. I'm hoping to lose some weight and do my FET in May or June.

Brandy I'm so glad you stopped in. I can't believe they are 3! Lyndon is about to turn 2. Crazy how fast time goes.

LL - you're not too many months PP so don't beat yourself up on the weight. I'm sure stopping bc will help like you said.

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The forum sure has been very quiet lately.

Fluter almost done with nursing school?

Lawson I love the pics you share of little man on Facebook. He is darling.

Angie if you ever check in totally thinking of you girl.

ATM I am battling my 4 year old TR baby about praying to god every night for a baby sister. She refuses the idea of a baby brother and we are still trying with no success. Totally bummed about that but it'll happen when it's supposed to I need to quit trying to interrupt gods plan for me.

Hope you are all doing well.

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