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HI Ladies,
Thought I would pop in. I've been extremely busy. Life gets crazy sometimes.
Kyes 20 months now and non stop. He keeps me on my toes!!
Hope everyone's doing well. Angie hope things are still going well for you.
I'm not sure if everyone saw the news but the FDA approved a new form of IVF that's much cheaper. It's a capsule with the sperm and egg put in instead of the more invasive IVF. Very interesting.

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Coming up on 11 weeks. I listen to the babys' heartbeats every so often with my home Doppler. So far they both seem to be doing well. Baby A has a lower heartbeat in the high 130's and Baby B is high 150's. I believe its a boy and girl, but lots of people are saying girl/girl. I take the Maternit 21 on the 22nd. I am gonna ask my MFM if I can have the Panorama test instead since it can tell you what gender both twins are. Been tryin to eat a lot of protein, sit a lot, and just keep my life stress free. Surprisingly I am not worried about miscarriage anymore. I am worried about taking care of twins and really just deeply grateful to God that I did not give up when I wanted to quit. Come December I will be a Mother twins. I am both terrified and filled with gratitude. I hope everyone else is well. I know the thread is pretty much dead, but after so many years I figure I would at least update ever-so-often. I think of you ladies often. ����

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