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Originally Posted by LilLeafyLea View Post
Hi, the smep has got to be worth a shot! Wanted to relax for this cycle and go with the flow but my obsessive personality will not allow it!! I'm on cd1 so I will start with gusto on cd8!

Quick Q, does it matter what time of day you dtd with regards to increasing your chances?

GL everyone, hope this month gives us all BFPs and sticky beans!! xxx
I am exactly the same!! Would really like to just relax and see what happens but I just cant

I haven't heard that doing it at a certain time of the day makes a difference, I've just been standard doing it in the evenings. If anyone knows any different though would love to know!

I haven't got around to getting the clear blue digital's today, but did a test on the regular one and the line has come up pretty strong - It's CD14 for me today so will be dtd the tonight and will carry on as if OV today.

Fingers crossed all this pays off! xxx

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I too will join you all. It's my first month with opks and I figured I would give this a shot too I now have my fingers crossed for all of us to get our
I'm currently on cycle day 5, and I won't be telling OH about smep-just to keep the pressure off.
to all of us!

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I'm trying to stick to the plan as much as possible although I have no idea when (& if) I'll ovulate as my cycles are still really wonky after the MMC in December.

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On board, too!

My husband and I decided to start trying during my last period. No more BC for me! My last cycle was 38 days so I am currently on CD21. My OPKs appear to be getting darker but I don't really have any experience! We have been DTD every other day from CD13-CD19 and now plan to DTD daily until CD24 when FF predicts I should O!
Should we continue to DTD AFTER CD24, when FF says I should O?

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Definately join you on this !pretty much what we did last month but this month has been pretty stressfull so next month this plan wil be in action

so lots of girlss

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mrs stru
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Hi. I will definitely be trying SMEP again once I can start BDing again. It gave me my 1st BFP after 14 months of trying (and the month after OH was told he had low sperm count and poor mobility). Sadly I had a mmc this week but once I get my next af, I will be stocking up on OPKs. OH is taking his vitamins already in preparation-lol.

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Originally Posted by Conina View Post
I might give this a go too. Trying for 8 months and not a sniff of a BFP.

Possibly stupid question, my cycles are about 34-35 days, so does that mean instead of starting at CD8, I would start at CD14-15?
Hi Conina I think the idea is that you should start from cd 8 no matter what your cycle length just to make sure you catch the eggy, its designed for people after a MC so their cycles may a bit messed up. Im planning on sticking to the plan just to make sure :-) Not many people really do have a 28 day cycle anyway!

Argh i hate having to wait to start again!!

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All the is wearing us out! And since I should O soon I don't want to miss a day! I'm terrified that I will time my every other day wrong and miss O day! I am taking OPK's but they are tricky little things and they drive me crazy! Not to mention I have NO idea when I will O!! I had a 25 day cycle last month, with O on day 11, but I typically have 36+ day cycles with a late O. So now with the one 'normal' cycle thrown in there, I just don't know what to expect this one!

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Hey - In reply to the question...AF is due on Monday/Tuesday!! Please please please god I can't wait to the day where I don't have to think when am I ov, when are we bd'ing...!!!

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Mrs Treasure, Good luck you're half way there.

LiLeafylea, I hope that you can take it easy and feel relaxed while doing SMEP.

I think its the 'plan' that makes me feel like its a mission but we are all probably doing the same thing we would be doing without 'the plan'. Let's keep sain I'm sure we won't forget to BD!!!

someone remind me on Sunday please!!

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