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Does he have a trade in the army? I'm assuming that, like here they have an opportunity to study or get a qualification alongside serving. Must be incredibly stressful for you having him away so much.

I am fine here. I'm still officially employed, though on extended maternity leave so I'm home full time with the boys. F is off to big school in September, so we are trying to prepare him for that. He is very excited to go at the moment which is great. For the last 9 months he has had some hearing problems caused by impacted wax. His last hearing test before his ENT appointment said that his loss was severe (albeit likely to be temporary). The consultant managed to remove the wax and we await his next hearing test to see where we are. The consultant was happy with how the ear drums looked, but I'm not seeing a massive change in him. He tells me he can't hear me because it's too noisy. I'm not sure if he has problems focusing because background noise is too distracting, he actually can't hear or if he's so used to zoning us out he can't shake the habit. We have seen that his development has been put back a little. His speech isn't quite where it should be and he is behind with letters. It doesn't help he hasn't been able to hear sounds correctly. On the flip side he's really excelling at sport. Despite being almost the shortest boy at preschool he wins or comes second in their races. He has a sting throw and good balance.

S is almost 20mths. He's a very happy, cheeky boy. He had hand, foot and mouth disease at Christmas, just after he started his first steps. He refused to stand on his feet and learnt to walk on his knees. He had almost 6 months of that! Finally he started walking and there is no stopping him now! He's a real mischief maker. He loves to sing (his favourite is happy birthday) and sings to himself while he plays. Cars are his favourite things ever and will happily play for hours on end. He started nursery one day a week and it seems to do him good. His speech isn't where Finlay's was at this stage, but he comes out with sentences out of the blue! He understands so much though. He knows more than he lets on! He's also very independent. I couldn't tell you the last time o fed him his food. He gets very cross if I open a packet for him!

What does Dex like to do? Is he still at preschool? Will you return to work when you move? Where will you move to? Xx

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I'm sorry to hear about F's hearing. I couldn't hear very well my first 11 months of life and i have CAPD (Central auditory processing disorder) so i was always a bit behind on certain subjects. No worrries though, you learn to catch up the best you can and learn coping skills on the areas you cannot. I'm sure he'll be fine.

Does F and S get along and play well together?

As for Dexter, he is really into trains, atvs, and a tv show called paw patrol. He is still in preschool and is doing well. He knows all his letter sounds and can count things out to 10. He is learning how to spell his name right now.

My hubby's trade is cyber security. It shouldn't be hard to find him a job.... but it will be hard to find him a job for where we want to go, which is to a small town in Arizona. I hate larger towns but most of those jobs are in larger towns so finding a job in a location i can stand will prove to be more difficult.

As far as me going back to work, I am not sure on that. We really haven't discussed it. I might go back to teaching or go back to counselling crisis pregnancies or i might just stay home. I suppose it depends on if we NEED me to work or not.
If i do go back to work however, it would have to work around dexter's school hours and most likely would be part time.

BTW I know the whole "Brexit" thing is on the news here and some of the chaotic backlash that is associated with it. Whenever i hear about things in England.. i think about you gals on this site and how it may be affecting you. I hope all is okay with you all. You are in my thoughts.

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ARGHGHGHGHGHG it just lost my long reply!!!1 hate it when that happens!!!!! I'll summarise for now:

- Elliot doing amazing, starting pre-school in September, he's a clever cookie
- Still enjoying gymnastics
- I'm doing the Team GB kitting out next week for the Olympics - hoping to meet some superstars!!
- Brexit = a mess. Vote carefully in November...don't make the same mistakes we have!

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Hey girls,

Been thinking of you all recently.

Quick update here:

My husband is waiting approval to get out of the army in June. YAY
We want to move back to Arizona.
I'm trying to get dexter into a good private school there and will fly to Arizona in April to take him to get interviewed and tested for it. So nervous.
Dexter appears to be having speech delays so we are starting to the process of Speech therapy.
He is rather hard headed and likes to learn things the hard way, but he is also very smart and is starting to read, add, and subtract.

If any of you pop on, i would love to hear an update.

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Its been so long since Ive popped on. Hope you guys are in AZ as you wish Hands, that Dex's speech has improved and he got into the school choice you picked.

A quick update on us. Both kids are in preschool. Kellan turns 5 at the end of the month and enters Kinder in the Fall! Where has time gone. He has made alot of friends in our neighborhood. Loves to ride his bike with no training wheels. Does gymnastics weekly. And is learning to swim. He's very smart. Is reading easy reader books. Still very busy and always on the go. Loves to be outside all the time.

Kennedy is now 3.5 and still is a picky eater. Still very small for her age. Still hates to sleep. Some things just never change lol Shes not even 30 pounds and around 33" tall. About the size of a 2 year old, Loves princesses. Is stubborn and knows what she wants. She is fearless as well. Loves clothes and is very particular about her outfits. Shes very sweet and snuggly. Talks up a storm. And I think will most likely be a lefty.

Things are busy around here. Tim still travels alot of work some short trip and some 2 month stretches. Nothing super new. Just spending time with kids/family and friends. We have a FL trip planned for the summer that we are excited about. And a trip to Buffalo as well.

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