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Jo, I'm so sorry you're going through such a rough time. You do what's right for you lovely. Xxx

Arthur is now 11 weeks old, he is such a good baby. For the last 2 weeks he has slept at least 8 hours straight every night. I really am enjoying having him, with the first (Darcy) you really worry if you are doing it right. But with arthur I'm just enjoying every minute.

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Oh wow! 11 weeks already?? The time seriously is just flying!!

Lately I'm trying to think of ways to make money so I can save up... it is hard though because I don't get an allowance or anything, I just am told to use credit.

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Wow doesn't time fly!! 11weeks! It's lovely when they sleep through isn't it! Lol. Glad your enjoying him. Xx

Jo how's things with you?

Ashley maybe look into what your intitled to as a single parent? Can you get a part time job? X

Lily how's you and bubs doing? Any new pics? Xx

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