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Originally Posted by staralfur View Post
I don't think they'll have trouble adapting it to film, even if they keep in the BDSM; the book wasn't really that racy to begin with.

I think the guy they chose is sexy although not who I had pictured while reading the books (for some reason I always pictured David Beckham?). I actually saw the first episode of Arrow right after I finished the books and was immediately like, "THAT guy should be Christian Grey!"

Alexander Skarsgard would've been good in theory but he can't pass for 27.
Yes, a younger more good looking version, i think i had a DB look aloke in my imagination

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I refuse to see this movie because it was a horrible representation of what an actual BDSM relationship is. It bordered on abuse and manipulation instead of consent and communication. It scares me to think that "vanilla" people will think that this is a normal representation of a BDSM relationship, when it is actually far from it.

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I have enjoyed trailer last night and i am very excited and i can't wait.......

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I thought the movie was okay. The book was better of course. He he

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I loved it! And the main guy is lovely!

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