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I think whether Steven/Brendan are innocent or guilty, the police should be answering for a hell of a lot more. If this happened in this day and age there would have been a complete mistrial.

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I know this thread hasn't been posted in for a while. I just started watching and am now on to episode 6.

So far, I think Steven is guilty. I think he probably just burned the blankets/sheets that she was laying on, which may be why its hard to find her DNA. I know its hard to say for sure though, and I could be wrong. If it wasnt him, then I think it was definitely someone in his family. It would be hard for anyone else to get all the evidence to where it was, unless they had access to the salvage without being seen. Also, I think Brandon is guilty to a degree. I looked into why he was questioned in the first place, and apparently its because he talked about the murders to his 14 year old female cousin, who told her guidance counselor, which lead to him being focused on by police, etc. I just feel that even with a low IQ, he gave a lot of specific details and just looking at him seemed like something was deeply troubling him. Almost like he'd seen something horrific or felt horrible for something. He knows something, that I feel pretty sure about.

I hope we will one day know more.

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