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Who's watching the new season of Catfish? I love it!

It never fails to shock me, some people are sick. The newest episode of the 40 year old Catfishing young women, getting them to send him naked pics etc. Disgusting.

Have you ever been Catfished? It really does make you wonder who you talk to online.

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I love catfish, it blows my mind ! The episode with that 40 year old guy was awful - I almost felt like the police should have been involved.

I thought Nev was particularly angry with him when he phoned the guy, and it made me think maybe its because he's become a dad and suddenly feels that protectivness that comes with being a parent

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I'm not sure if this was being catfished.. but it could have been..

I had an online friend from Australia growing up. We met online when we were 13, and talked mostly on MSN, but also sent mail, text messages and talked on the phone a few times. The communication between us went on until we were in our mid twenties.

I ended up going to Australia for a working holiday, and emailed him to try to arrange to meet in person. He had always been flirty, and very forward, and he had sent me LOTS of pictures of himself so I didn't think he'd be shy at all about meeting. He ended up responding strangely, not seeming interested in meeting up, and when I finally contacted him to say that I was in Sydney (where he lived) I never got a reply... I never heard from him again after that.

I'll never know for sure if I was catfished, but it seems odd that he didn't want to meet me.

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