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Broadway shows

Hello! Did anyone here watch their musicals live? I'm planning to see the one finally till the end of this year so I'm open for suggestions
Which ones are the best for this season? And what about tickets, is it really the truth that it's very hard to get them?

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I watched two of Broadway musicals live, they were Hamilton and Chicago, not so many because I'm not such a great fan of this genre and besides it's really the truth about tickets. They're rather expensive, especially in case of the hits and you need to buy them in advance because they're sold out really fast and usually there are long lines for buying them However they organize lotteries for some musicals so you can simply win a free ticket but of course considering such great amount of people the chances for this aren't high.
I can recommend you to watch the both musicals I mentioned earlier, what is really the truth about their shows that they're really amazing and if you have such opportunity, don't miss this great experience
Some people say that in case of Chicago the original movie was better but personally I liked the musical very much, it's a cool story about criminal and celebrities, nice thing for detective genre And Hamilton has a historic plot mixed with r'n'b musical numbers, a very interesting, talented and original show in my opinion, it's on stage now too both with Chicago. Also I can recommend Cats, The Phantom of the Opera and Aladdin, I saw many positive reviews about them too