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Anyone watch the sex robots thing?

It was on a few days ago, about lifelike sex dolls but now they're trying to incorporate AI into them to make them a more real experience.
I really have a problem with this! Personally I think they're thinking of the rather than the possible things that could go wrong.
I feel it encourages people (primarily men because the majority of these are females sold to men) to look at women like an object and something they can control.
Imagine someone with that kind of attitude, starting out with one of these artificial humans, getting a taste for it and moving onto an actual person.
Where's the line? Where is it drawn? Why is it ok to treat something that looks and behaves like a person like that, but it isn't ok to treat a human like that? I realise they're not actual humans, but the more intelligence we create within these 'dolls', the more it has the potential to spill over into real life.
Some would argue at least someone of that nature is only behaving that way with one of these than a person, but it could lead to this and it encourages them to behave that way more so imo. I really think they're messing with something they should leave alone.
One man featured has three dolls, without AI, one of which looks like a young teenage girl. I didn't like watching that.
Another man featured has one doll who he keeps abroad, so when he goes on his holidays he leaves his wife at home and uses the doll as a get out of jail free card for cheating on his wife, claiming that if he can have sex with a doll then it stops him from cheating on his wife! But the thought is there, the intention is there, he's treating it like a person, isn't that a form of cheating?
So many wrongs to this imo

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