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20 weeks old today !!

hello girls !
just a quick check in to say how we've been these past few weeks -

well the boys are just getting cuter and cuter as the days past by ! they are such happy little things with the sweetest giggles and big smiles !

we have now started slowly weening due to them being so hungry all the time !
at the last weigh in 2 weeks ago, Finn was 16lbs and Ben almost 14 lbs !

they were sleeping through the night, but have started waking for a feed again but honestly, i dont mind too much at the moment as it makes me realise how much they still need me and nobody else

they love going swimming every week and enjoying going to playgroups twice a week with their buddies from hospital.

Today, Ben has learnt how to roll over from tummy to back - very proud mummy ! Finn has no interest, but is very skilled at reverse commando shuffling !!
they are such chatterboxes ! Finn has a deep voice which sounds like Kevin from Kevin and Perry !!

well not much else to report, but just want to say to all the expectant twin/ triplet mummies reading this, that you are joining a very special club and that being a twin mummy really is the best feeling in the world !

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Yay! Lovely boys

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Such cuties! X

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san fran shan
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I love reading these updates! Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to be updating and sharing my own later this year. Your boys are adorable!

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Gorgeous boys! Sounds like they and you are doing brilliantly x

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