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speech delay in twin boys?

My little guys are over 2 now and still say very few words. They go to "school" 5 days a week and I thought being around other children who were talking would help a lot. However, they've been in school now for about 4 months and they are still not communicating. I was wondering if anyone with twins have had this problem? I'm constantly saying every item they come in contact with out loud, reading them books. What am I doing wrong?? Any suggestions?

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my 8 year old was like that, we had start with sign language and then called the doctor who requested a speech therapist, it took the therapist about 2 weeks to get him to communicate, try that, they usually learn sign easier than words.

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Hey hun, try not to worry. My oldest child didn't speak a word until he was 3, but is 10 now, very bright and ahead of the game. One of the twins spoke very early, can have a conversation at age 28mths but the other twin hasn't said a single word yet lol. Because of my experience with my oldest, I am not worried - as long as your twins understand commands, and communicate in other ways then it's unlikely there's a problem, some kids are just late developers - it has no bearing on where they'll be at school age.

I've never used it, but speech therapy might help to encourage their communication skills so always worth a try. I'm quite relaxed about these things tho, and will only mention Noah's speech delay if there is no attempt to form proper words by the time he is 3. Before 3 it's difficult to know if lack of speech or other developmental delays are rooted in something more serious precisely because all children develop at such different rates. Xx

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Hey, hon. I've been in your shoes (not with my twins, but with my singleton).

First thing you need to realize is that you are not doing anything wrong!! Second thing is that you should try not to worry. Children all develop at different rates, and there are so many examples of brilliant people who were slow to talk. (Albert Einstein for one). That said, it's also a good idea to talk to a professional because they can help you figure out whether your twins are simply reserved or whether they need some speech help.

My son was not really speaking at 2 and he was showing a lot of signs that are traditionally classed as autistic (lining up his toys, walking on his toes, avoiding eye contact). We had him evaluated (which takes awhile), and at 2 1/2 it was determined that he had some developmental delays and a expressive/receptive speech disorder. But he did not meet the diagnosis definition of autism. We started using all sorts of alternative speech methods (mostly PECS, but also sign language) as well as behavior modification to teach him how to socialize (e.g. rewarding him for making eye contact). The most amazing thing happened. He learned how to communicate (and how to read along the way), and by the time he was 3, his spoken words started to take off. As his spoken words increased, his "autistic" features started to vanish. He's now 12, and although he still has some mild lingering social development issues, he is extremely bright and I can't get him to shut up. :-) All of that is to say: if you're concerned you should have them evaluated. If there is no problem, it will give you the peace of mind you need. However, if there is a problem, it will give you the knowledge you need to help your twins adapt and improve.

No matter what, it will be okay, and your twins are lucky to have a mommy who is so devoted to making sure they have what they need.

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