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breech late did yours turn

i just had my 28 week ultrasound and unfortunatly the twin presenting first is breech. so unless there is a chance he can still turn after 28 weeks looks like a c section for me which i am dreading. i have three other children and they were all born vaginaly . did anyone have their babies turn after 28 weeks? is their still hope?

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I know with a singleton they can turn all the way up to birth. I would assume twins could to but I'm not sure with the decreased space. Ask your doctor. I sure hope the little one can turn for you!!

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Charlotte was twin one and she was breach. I think from about 30 weeks they stopped even discussing the possibility of her turning (she never did). My friend had a MW try to turn one of her twins and said that was horrendous.

I've not done a vaginal birth but the c-section was fine, though it'll be the recovery time when you've already got kids that'll be the difficulty I guess.

Good luck. Hope your LO turns for you.

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