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11 weeks 3 days in maternity clothes :-(

Hiya ladies. This is my second pregnancy but first twin pregnancy. I was pretty small with my son until about 30 weeks. I started off this time with a bit of a tummy from having my son ( a dress size 14 unlike my pervious 10) but I have had to buy maternity trousers already as my normal ones have been digging in and making me feel sick. Im sure it's just cos I was fatter before, or did many of you get big quickly? X

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My stomach can not handle anything tight! I was into maternity clothes early. With your second pregnancy you tend to pop quicker and with twins you always measure bigger as well. For example at 21 weeks I was measuring as big as a 27 week singleton pregnancy! With twins expect pregnancy symptoms earlier.

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I started wearing them at 10 weeks. I measured 20 weeks at my 14 week appointment. With my daughter I didn't start showing at all until around 16 weeks. (Which would be the same if adjusted for the twin pregnancy I guess as you're supposed to be 6-8 weeks bigger.)

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I think I started wearing my maternity jeans at 6 weeks and by 8 weeks I couldn't wear anything else. Didn't realise I was having twins at the time do I was a bit freaked out!

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