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What pram do you have?

I've always wondered this, I think about random things a lot

What pram do you have for your multiples and do you struggle with it, for example getting through the front/back door, on buses/trains, in the boot of your car etc.

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* Baby Jogger City Mini Twin *

Amazing pushchair....
- can push and turn one handed
- gone through every door I've encountered so far
- easy to fold
- fits in a tiny boot (mitsubishi colt)
- suitable from birth (I was gonna buy the seperate carry cots to go on it but it really doesnt need them)

one drawback... is there isnt much room for shopping underneath and its a pain getting stuff in and out the shopping sling. But I guess I could leave one baby behind and put shopping in there....!

I got mine secondhand off ebay and its just great. I got it with the cosy toes which are essential really. Just so impressed how easy it is and how it goes through single doors. Defo recommend it!

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I have the out n about nipper 360, I love it. I did have an icandy peach blossom twin and the only good thing about it was it was pretty, manouvered well, could go through doors easily and I could attach the car seats on to it, apart from that it was so annoying with all the attachments and just worked terribly as a twin buggy. They have however released a peach blossom 2 now and they seem to have fixed all the problems. I'd still recommend the out n about, and a friend of mine has the baby jogger in the post above and its great xx

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Out n about nipper 360 - I love it! Only 66cms wide so fits through narrow doorways whilst still being a side by side. Great off road. Really light. Fits in the boot of my VW Beetle. Have also had a Phil and Teds, an Obaby zoom and a McClaren buggy. Nothing even came close to my out n about!

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I have the icandy peach blossom 2 and love it! I love how versatile it is and the being able to put the car seats on is really handy xx

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I've had to get the T3 Jogger : ( as I'll have 3 babes under 18 months old! It's pretty huge but really nice, and still fits through single doors which is brilliant! Xx

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I had the t3 jogger and the icandy pear when they were little. I now just use an o baby xi tandem x

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Mountain buggy duet here. Only 63cms wide, light and is awesome in small places

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I have the Chicco together twin, it's quite long (front and back buggy) but at least i can get through any doors! :-)

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I have an iCandy Peach Blossom and i love it! its so pretty, bit of a few minute jobby to put up and down but is perfect!

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