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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Chance of twins again

I recently lost my first pregnancy. It was heterotopic so one twin was in the uterus and one was in my right fallopian tube. The tube had to be removed.

I am wondering if any of you were able to conceive multiples after you lost a tube.

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Interesting question! I'm not sure but in my opinion it would be highly unlikely. From what I understand, for hyperovulation to occur (as in my case or anyone who carries fraternal twins); an egg is released from both ovaries. I stand to be corrected though

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My understanding is if you conceived frats then the chances are 1 in 12 of conceiving again.

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When we were going through fertility treatment it was found that I often release more than 1 egg when I ovulate. However, having severe endometriosis and lots of scarring that was a good thing for us, and sometimes I didn't ovulate at all. We lost out twin girls, but found out we were expecting again immediately after. We were so relieved and excited to find out that it was just 1 healthy baby. Not that having twins isn't a blessing, but a lot of the reason we wanted a 3rd was to be able to experience having just 1 LO. You may ovulate more than one egg regularly or it may be a random occurrence for you. There's really no way to know without fertility testing/treatments. Your chances are higher though.

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My mother had trouble with cysts and had to have one of her ovaries removed. A few years after that she conceived my twin brother and sister. Then she got a cyst on the other one and was told she most likely wouldn't be able to have any more kids because of the damage it was causing and would probably have to have that one removed also and surprise i was conceived.

My sister who is the twin also suffers from the same cysts my mother did and had to have one of her ovaries removed when she was a teenager and went on to have 4 kids after that no twins though.

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my twins came from same ovary...pretty sure they are frats....

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