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clomid and twins?

hiya..anyone out there who has been on clomid and had multiple births??

i had a little girl 12 weeks ago (she was a twin but had mc with twin at 8 week sand she clung on in there) and hubby and i are planning to have another pregnancy but i've stopped ovulating and they are going to put me on clomid which i think is wierd..we've had 2 multiple pregnancies ending in mc and 2 singleton mcs...

am a bit worried about twinnies firstly because of my history and i have very strong history in my family and clomid only increases that...what are the chances do you think???? We will be starting to try again in a few months so not straightaway and i may start ovulating again properly meanwhile i guess... just interested to find out.....

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10% chance with Clomid.

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