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Totally random...for those that have more than one set of natural multiples...

I have frat twin boys...did you KNOW before the second set that you were having multiples just a weird mommy feeling....Im not even TTC right now...waiting till after weight loss surgery and until I an stablized weight not even planning on TTC until end of 2017 but I can not shake this feeling of twins again when the time comes....somehow I just KNEW before my boys...I just felt wasnt a surprise that first scan at all....and I had kinda felt that way for a while even before TTCing that time now Im just wondering if its common to just have an inkling before hand somehow.....

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That's crazy that you had an inkling beforehand! Wow!

The only people I've come in contact with more than one set of multiples used medical help conceiving, but I have heard that your chances of having a second set of frat twins naturally does go up a bit since your body is already proven to be hyperovulatory (check spell).

Will be very interesting to see if your intuition is right! I'm actually terrified of a second set, lol. Would you hope for boy/girl this time, or same gender again? Anyway, good luck!

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I didn't know but I'm Pregnant with my 2nd set!

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My other half has twins and apparently knew we were having twins.

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