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Fast labours?

Hello, not sure if this is the place to say this but not sure where else to?

Our local hospital is a few minutes away but it's only small and only deals with low risk deliveries. I had my 2nd and 3rd babies there but my labours with them were only 1 and 2 hours long :-/

Our larger hospital where you have to go for high risk deliveries (which I am now as its twins) and c-sections etc is a 1.5 - 2 hour drive away!

My midwife is worried I'm going to go into spontaneous labour early and not make it to the larger hospital in time but I'm guessing there's not a lot that I can do but hope I don't and make it to my induction date? Midwife suggested moving closer to large hospital month before due date but it's not really practical with dh at work and kids at school.

Everyone keeps telling me the twins will come early but that's not always necessarily true is it?

Not sure what I'm asking really but midwife today got me worried. Anyone have fast labours with singletons and longer with twins? Lol

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My labours have been between 1 and 2 hours long too, and before the boys were born I was very frightened that I'd end up delivering two preemies on the side of the road (I live an hour from the nearest hospital). OB's advice was that they'd admit me from about 34 weeks -- not a reasonable solution when I had other kids at home.

They ended up being born at 34 weeks exactly and the labour was a bit longer than my usual at 4 hours from waters breaking to delivery of the second baby. Fortunately I was in hospital at the time due to pre-eclampsia (didn't feel fortunate at the time).

With the benefit of hindsight, I'd suggest that you make sure you have your steroid injections nice and early, then put it out of your mind for now. Twin pregnancy will throw all sorts of curveballs at you, and you don't know what your situation will be when you're ready to deliver.

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