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Originally Posted by ttc_Mera View Post
Yesterday, I was having some severe right ovary type pains. Since we did IVF with ICSI I was sure that it was an ectopic pregnancy. Long story short my ovaries are still large from the ivf and I have several cysts causing the pain. After doing the ultrasound we found out we are expecting TWINS! We didnt get to see the babies ( the ultrasound tech was kind of rude) but the Dr. did tell me that both babies have heartbeats. I though I was 6 weeks 1 day but babies are measuing at 5 weeks 6 days so not too far behind. One baby has a heartbeat of 92 bpm and the other has a heartbeat of 110 bpm. Because of how early I am the dr said its most likely that the babies' heartbeats just started beating. We're so excited.
Aside from ivf this is exactly what happened to me yesterday,I went to a and e with right sided pain,they wanted to check for ectopic and found a cyst,then discovered 2 hbs.thought I was 6 weeks but I'm 5 weeks by measurements,still coming to terms lol

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