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Number of pregnancies and odds of twins

I was reading about the factors that increase the odds of having twins and saw that the number of pregnancies a woman has can increase the odds. However, I can't seem to find any information on what the statistics actually are.

Does anyone know or have some personal insight? Thanks

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For me, my second pregnancy was twins. 1st was a singleton I lost, 3rd was unknown but probably a singleton, it had already come away by the time I was scanned. 4th was my now 10 month old singleton. My twins are frat too.

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This is my 3rd pregnancy, non identical twins. All conceived 'naturally'

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I'm pregnant with fraternal twins and it is my third pregnancy. My understanding is that age is the biggest factor (other than genetics) in increasing your chance of having fraternal twins. Older women (I'm 38) are more likely to conceive them naturally due to weird ovulation as you age (some months you release no egg, others you release more than one as things are winding down). But you're right, number of pregnancies is a contributing factor as is race and also maternal size (bigger women are also more likely to conceive twins naturally).

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My 11th pregnancy was identical twins however we lost one at 7 weeks.

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