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Triplets - ?car and paternity leave

Dear all,

My wife and I are expecting triplets in the new year. I was wondering what other people who have triplets would recommend for a suitable car to get the baby seats in? Is it possible to get all three on the second row of seats?

Also what would people recommend for suitable paternity leave? My wife will have a C-section and we plan to have a live in nanny starting straight after delivery. I get two weeks automatically but should be able to apply for unpaid leave for a period of time. How long do people think is suitable?

Many thanks,


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I have twins but personally I think you would need to look at all the possible 7 seat cars taking into account boot space for pushchair etc. We have a Volvo XC90 and have 4 children 2 being our twins the car seats won't fit in the middle because the seat belt isn't long enough although I suppose if you get isofix that should solve that issue because they just snap on and go..

My husband took 2 month off work he's self employed so it was unpaid leave that was mainly due to having the other kids that needed to get to school and I needed help for a while.

Hope that helps

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If you get the right car seat you can get three across in a lot of different cars. I'd recommend Diono seats as they are very narrow, but are very highly rated. When travelling we got two Dionos and a booster seat in the back of a Toyota Prius no problem.

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