View Poll Results: At what month did you deliver your twins?
I had complications and was either induced or sectioned before 36 weeks 1 7.14%
I had complications and was either induced or sectioned after 36 weeks. 5 35.71%
40-41 weeks went into labour 1 7.14%
39-40 weeks went into labour 1 7.14%
38-39 weeks went into labour 0 0%
37-38 weeks went into labour 1 7.14%
36-37 weeks went into labour 0 0%
35-36 weeks went into labour 3 21.43%
34-35 weeks went into labour 2 14.29%
Earlier than 23 weeks went into labour 0 0%
Voters: 14. You may not vote on this poll

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Survey: what month did you give birth?

If you went into labour naturally, I'm interested in knowing what month your body decided to evict the little ones. They say 50% of twins come before 36 weeks, I've been given a 40 week gestation as they do even for twins here in Canada. I've planned to work straight up till DD but can't imagine baking these beans for that long!

Sorry, the last option was meant to say earlier than 33 weeks!

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I had an uncomplicated twin pregnancy (rare, I know) until 35+0 when I started having contractions 2-2.5 mins apart. I'd been having strong bh every 7-10 mins for months. They stopped labor, sent me home, but I was back within 24 hrs and delivered by c-section as planned at 35+1.

I was convinced that I would wait until my c-section date at 38+3 because there was no indication for delivery until I went into labor unexpectedly!

Also I stopped work at 34 weeks because the bh turned into real regular contractions when I was working. I had planned on working until 36 weeks minimum (worked until delivery with dd1) but was so uncomfortable that I was ready for leave to start.

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I had no complications whatsoever and my boys were born as planned at 37weeks by csection. I know you asked for answers of ladies who went into natural labour. No idea when that would have happened but I just wanted to let you know that there is another option. I had to have a section cause of them being in breech.

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I chose the before 33 week option, but that's only when I went into labor. I went in for back pain at 32 weeks and it was discovered I was dilated to 4. An ambulance ride to a bigger hospital, magnesium, Procardia, betamethasone injections, terbutaline, loads of fluids, an epidural (that stayed in until discharge) and strict bedrest I was discharged a full week later (still at 4cm). Stayed one overnight back at my smaller hospital because my OB wanted to monitor me, then went home on bedrest. I made it to 34.4 when the back pain ramped back up again and I knew I needed to head in again. I was allowed to stay at my smaller hospital and labored overnight. I made it all the way to 9cm when they rolled in portable ultrasound to make sure both were head down before prepping to push - when we discovered B had unfortunately flipped breech (after being head down for months ). He had a low lying placenta and I had a history of post partum hemorrhage so we decided to move forward with a csection for both of our safety.

5.1 and 5.12lbs respectively. No NICU, just a smidge of oxygen and they were back in room with me less than an hour later.

I was measuring the equivalent of 47 weeks the week before I delivered. There's no way I'd have made it to 40 and completely understand your not being able to imagine it!!!!

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I went into labour at 34.5

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