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Does size really matter?

I'm 6 weeks into my second pregnancy and am HUGE. Everyone keeps mentioning multiples! Normally I would brush this off but I seem to have pretty high Hcg levels too. I got my BFP 7dpo.

I have my scan next week but my question is... does size really mean anything?

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I found out at 8w4d that I was expecting twins and I was showing as if I was about 15 weeks!! I'm now 12w3d and I look like I did at around 18 weeks with my first child.

It could be bloating, as Ive seen some ladies with early bloating that soon reduces.

I guess only the scan will tell! Good luck and hope all is well :-)


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It could be but any second child would show earlier than a first cause things get stretched in pregnancy and don't always go back to normal completely. Especially if your abdominals split (diastatsis recti) and did not knit together again. Mine are still 3 finger widths apart and my twins are almost 5. In the evening after a large meal I look 6 months pregnant (albeit maybe not with twins ). Good luck

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No. TBH it will be bloat. Uterus will not have expanded much yet but bloating is very common in early pregnancy. Also, your muscles may not be quite as strong the second time around so it is more likely to show earlier, wether it be down to bloating or a baby bump. I was very slim when I got pregnant with my twins and I was 20-22ish weeks before I started to show. I am 5ft 1 so not like I had anywhere to hide them. With my singleton I started showing at 14 weeks. I also was bigger with my singleton come delivery time than I was with my twins. He was smaller than the twins combined weight and I gained 14lb less in weight than I did with my twins too.

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what were your hcg numbers?

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