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Twins without an ultrasound?

Hi everyone, I'm 29 weeks and 2 days along and my dh and I decided not to get any ultrasounds during this pregnancy. So diagnosing twins, or finding out ways to tell without an ultrasound has been difficult as almost everyone has received one and that's how they found out. From the moment I got a positive pregnancy test, i had this gut feeling of omg, it's twins. For the first few months, I had vivid dream after vivid dream of twins. This is my third pregnancy and that had never happened to me before. I never once thought it might be twins with my previous two, but maybe it's just because it is my third, and final, pregnancy that part of me is a little frightened about the prospect. I thought the feeling would go away, but it never has. Now I'm in my 3rd trimester, measuring 5 weeks ahead, which I know isn't unheard of for a singleton pregnancy, i measured one week ahead with both of my first 2. The midwives can never figure out what's going on in my belly. They always feel around and the baby fights back and eventually they give up and say, well, the head's down at your cervix and call it good. When I feel my belly, I feel what I would consider to be a baby butt under the right side of my ribs, but I also feel the same under my left ribs. I get movement everywhere. I feel like I'm growing an octopus. I was so good at telling the positioning of my first 2, but if this is only one baby, I'm really at a loss. I'll get hit in both hips, under each side of my ribs and towards the middle and down to my belly button all at the same time. Other times, all movement will be on the left side of my uterus and then later, all on the right without the baby, if there's only one, having changed positions at all. I suppose I probably should have posted this in the regular forum so I could get the opinion of women who've felt like this to only have one baby, but I really wanted to know what it feels like for people who have or are knowingly carrying twins because I'm already familiar with what a singleton pregnancy feels like.

Twins do not run in my family. I'm 5'10" and 27 years old. I know twins are mostly random, but the only thing I've got bolstering any chance I have is my height. I know mainly the response people are going to have is I should get an ultrasound, but putting that idea aside, any insight you could offer? What do you think of the movement, the measurement, mothers intuition? What haa it been like for you? What things stand out to you as specifically twin pregnancy related?

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I can't help with twin symptoms because I've never had twins. If you genuinely believe you are having twins I think you should have an ultrasound because although you definitely can birth twins naturally it's not always possible plus there are extra complications with twins. I may be wrong about what I've said though, because I don't have first hand experience

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Has the midwife tried to lo locate 2 heartbeats ?

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