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Mrs R
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Extreme exhaustion

Hello ladies,

Just wanted to ask at what stage you experienced extreme exhaustion during your twin pregnancy??

I'm 22 weeks and in the last few days I've been so tired and emotional I just can't keep my eyes open. Had to come home from work at 3pm today for a sleep! I don't think my iron is low or anything like that, just seems to be taking it out of me. I thought this would happen, but didn't expect it for another few months yet! I have a check-up tomorrow so I'll get tested just in case.

How did you all cope with the tiredness?

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Your iron could be low hun. I was drained in the first 3 months, then again in the last 6 weeks. I was aneamic from 20wks, but mainly felt breathless with that. Get a blood test done just in case, it's easily fixed x

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Around 20 weeks. I always had a nap when I came home from work before dinner. I had to take iron as well.

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I just go with it and when I need a rest I have one. work were brilliant to be fair although it didnt happen very often. Now at just under 31 weeks I am really feeling it. However am leaving work on friday so can nap next week til my hearts content. Def get your iron checked. my silly mw wouldnt check mine even when I asked at 20 weeks and again at 28 and then found last week found out iron stores are nil, Naughty.

Take it easy, get your feet up when you can x

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I was exhausted the entire time. But, do get your iron checked. I felt a bit better after starting iron supplements as I did find out I was extremely anemic.

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Mine was during the first 3 months. SUCH exhaustion it was awful, hardly even able to bring myself to go to the toilet! I am now 4 months and much better, only a little tired.

I just rested, there was nothing else to do. As the girls have said, get your bloods checked for low iron levels if you are worried xx

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