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28 weeks with twins help !!

Hi all,

im currently 28 weeks pregnant with twins, and working still.

I have a 6 year and a just over 2.5year old.

These last couple of days have been such a struggle , its fine during the morning and then later on in the day, i just feel like i cant hardly walk and feel like i need two new hip replacements lol, - is this normal feeling?

I was going to finish work in about 7 weeks, just didnt want to give up just yet

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Totally normal feeling hun. For me, 28wks seemed to be the turning point in terms of ease of movement. Before that I had lots of prem labour type sensations, pressure and contractions that made me nervous to move around, but from 28wks I had the back and muscular issues which made moving physically difficult.

I personally believe that twin women should rest more than is typical. For many they can get away with carrying on as normal, but there are many more who give birth to twins early, so I think it is imperative to rest frequently if it is at all possible.

I know that for me moving around at all triggered ominous BH contractions, and served to warn me to slow down. You can't possibly have double the weight and strain on the cervix, but then be as active as a woman carrying one baby.

Listen to your body hun, if it is feeling the strain on the outside, then it's possible your internal bits and pieces are feeling a similar strain if not more so. I know that my incompetent cervix made me super cautious, but this is a few months out of your life when putting your feet up could potentially give your babies a those extra precious weeks inside

Sorry if I seem bossy - this whole issue is so close to my heart, and I wouldn't want you putting you or bubbas at risk for the sake of 7wks. You'd probably be fine anyway, but why take the chance? Now sit down, drink a glass of water and don't move again for the duration.......................just joking xxxxx

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I had to finish work at 29 weeks as my body physically could not do it anymore. I sat all day and just could not get comfy and I was aching all over by the end of the day. I am now 34 weeks and I have to rest most of the day because of the weight of the babies, I have been told that they are above average weight.

I totally agree with lizziedripping listen to your body, and if you need to finish work earlier just do it, because you need to look after those babies when they are inside as well as out.

Rest as much as possible, and try to get some early nights!!

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Exactly the same here I was really fine until the last couple of week - now I feel like I can't take anymore. Been signed off work for 2 weeks
I am so uncomfortable and sore

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Hun I had mine at 28wks...

If your body is aching it is telling you to slow up, maybe start reducing your working hours you really don't want to have these babies early and with having already 2 other children your cervix isn't as strong so you really need to rest up.

You may have wanted to work another 7wks but your body and babies want differently....

All the best......................

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