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Missed twin?

Has anyone here ever experienced a missed twin early on. Lets say you had one baby , sac and a yolk sac at about 6-7 weeks and the tech couldn't find another , but later to youre surprise you had twins? If so can you tell youre story?

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I think this is very rare? In England I think anyway because you have 2 scans - a dating scan and a developmental scan at about 20 weeks - twins is one of the things that they check for at the dating scan, I think it would be very hard to miss?

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I've heard of a second baby being missed and then detected at a later ultrasound.
Congratulations on your pregnancy.

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When I was pregnant with my son now 8 mos old, we had an ultrasound at 6 weeks and there was a 2nd much smaller sac... they told me it was a twin that had stopped developing early on. It "reabsorbed" and by the next u/s you couldn't see it. My sister had the same thing happen to her; she saw hers for the 1st time at 10 weeks.

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I know two people who had twins witout knowing. They both refused all U/S (which in a healthy pregnancy is perfectly acceptable if you would accept anything that could happen).

The first went to hospital in labour, gave birth to her first son in a wheelchair on the way to the labour ward, and the second one on the bed (thought it was the afterbirth) and the first lady had a home birth, gave birth to her first baby fine, and her second baby came after (again, thought it was the afterbirth). As she hadn't had any U/S, she didn't know when she was actually due and as they went by her measurements and you measure bigger with twins, they thought she was term. She was actually about 32 weeks and both babies had to stay in hospital for a while.

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My mother knew someone who got a few ultrasounds in her pregnancy, and the technicians swore up and down she was having a boy...well, the day arrived, and out come twin girls! Hmmmmm...

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Happened to me, I had to go to the ER before my first ultrasound due to dehydration from very bad morning sickness. They did an ultrasound there to see if the baby was ok and said nothing about only one baby, I seen it too and only seen on sac! But about a month later at my first prenatal visit she said "there's two in there!" and now I have two little girls crawling around so i'd say yes it's very possible! Although I think it matters how early on you get the first ultrasound, I believe the one where they didn't see two was around 8 or 9 weeks maybe?

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my nanna told me her story when she was pregnant oviously they didnt have ultra sound scans in those days so when she gave birth to my uncle she gave birth to twins but one of the twins was badly disfigured and had stopped growing earlier on in her pregnancy xx

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My great nanna gave birth to my great aunty marge and then proceded to push what she though was the placenta out but it was a baby boy....he didn't live for very long, a few weeks I think but I don't know whether that had anything to do with them not expecting him or if it was one of those things as it was nearly 70years ago now

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my mum was the placenta lol! that was in the days of no ultrasounds tho! she was born at home and was only 4lb and didnt go to hospital! i think if you have identical twins you sometimes dont know til later cos it hasnt split yet if you have a really early scan. well thats what someone told me anyway!

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