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Breastfeeding Twins?

Hi Girlies.
I'm sarah, im 18 and currently 17 weeks + 5 days pregnant with twinkies!
I know this is probably too early to be worrying about, but i cant help it.
I plan to breastfeed as much as i can! And if not breastfeeding, bottle feeding expressed milk. I'm just wondering if i'll have enough?

What was your situation like?
Did you have enough milk?
Did you have to mix breast with formula to make up enough?

Any sort of information/advice would be really appreciated!

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I definitely would like to hear other experiences. Formula is way too expensive.

Added question: feeding pillow designed for twin mommies to feed both at the same time - good idea??

Thi is the one I'm thinking of getting:

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I haven't nursed twins yet, but I've had two that I breastfed and I plan to nurse these two as well.

I would recommend finding a good lactation consultant (nurse) to meet with beforehand and that you can call once the babies are born. Having someone who knows what she is taking about and can observe you and the babies is worth it's weigt in gold. La Leche League has some online resources and may have a group in your area...

There are foods that can help supply. I used to eat lots of oatmeal and brewers yeast tablets. Some will take herbal supplements as well. The first 8 weeks are challenging as the babies will be building your supply. Most women's bodies can rise to the challenge.

Good luck and I hope to hear twin mommies that have done it. :-)

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Hi. I am a first-time mom and have been breast feeding my twins for 16 weeks now with no plans to stop. It has been HARD. You have to be totally dedicated. I feed one, then the other, then when and if they are both settled I pump then it is soon time to start all over again.

Pumping, fenugreek, oatmeal, tons of water, tons of food, tons of faith, tons of work and your body will provide. Go in with total dedication though, when it seems like they wont latch or there isn't enough milk, you have to tell yourself you ARE going to make it work. I was in tears a lot and talked to lots of consultants, but they never told me anything I wasn't already trying.

Big thing is to try to *relax* and that's hard to do when you are stressed that you don't have enough to feed your babies. Singing helps. The big nursing pillows are great, but one of my babies is difficult and demanding, so I have to nurse one at a time.

Here goes my daughter now--- bye for now.

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Hi Sarah

I'm interested in the responses to this question too so thanks for posting.

I don't have experience of nursing twins myself yet, but I was talking to a mother of 4 month old twins today who was saying that she breastfed exclusively for the 1st month but now breastfeeds one and simultaneously formula feeds the other and then switches them over for the next feed which works for her.

The other thing that she told me was def get a BF consultant to help you after the birth.

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Hi hun, yes its definately possible to breastfeed twins. It will be hard work in the beginning (but then again BFing can be hard with a single baby to begin with too) but if you can find someone who can support and help you, and persevere you can do it. My boys are 10.5 months and stillbreastfed, although they are slowly weaning themselves off so I may stop soon. The first 4 weeks I would top them up with an ounce or two of formula too as I was so worried they werent getting enough, but I soon stopped as I was producing enough milk for them both. I did have some problems in the beginning. I had very sore painful breasts after a couple of weeks but my GP soon made me realise it was becuase I was doing too much (I was expressing 10-15 ounces of milk every morning and night, plus BFing on demand all day) and it was just too much so more breasts got sore. I realised there was no need to express really (I was doing it to store away just in case I needed someone else to feed them or if my supply was low) so I stoppd expressing and purely BF. A twin breastfeeding pillow (such as the EZ2 nurse pillow) is great, especially if you plan on tandem feeding them. Also to make sure I had enough milk I started taking fenugreek herbal tablets two days before my induction date. If you ladies have any questions or want support with BFing, you can PM me anytime. Hope that helps. x

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Im going to attempt to breastfeed my boys,I really want to give it a shot this time and I am hoping that it works out.

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Hi it can definitely be done, many have done sucsessfully but with twins they do have a tendancy to be slightly early and smaller in weight so just be prepared you may have have a few challenges initially but these can be overcome with good support. I breastfeed my big twin and stopped directly feeding my little one at 12 weeks so express for him and meet about 90% of his feeds before i have to top up with formula. Im lucky i only have to express 2-3 times daily for him but i think that is because his brother is such a good feeder and keeps my milk in plenty. I also think the hard work in the beginnig pays off when establishing a good milk supply if you get this cracked and try to avoid too many formula top ups in the beginnig you will get the supply right and can always then introduce formula later and mix feed which can give the best of both world sometimes.

I only stopped feeding my little twin for other issues which was affecting his feeding but to be honest its no quicker or easier bottle feeding, if anything i find it a total pain and give me breastfeeding for ease anyday!

I know of a twim mum who feeds one baby by breast the other with formula and then switches for the next feed, i was initally thinking of doing something similar or giving both a bottle at certain times of the day such as evening and lunch time but now the breastfed one is such an efficient feeder i dont see the need.

You will find your own way, keep an open mind and get lots of support!!

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I am breastfeeding my twins but I do give them bottle before bed. It was hard at first and I was ready to give up but I had wonderful support.

The first six weeks were non stop feeding but once I got past it, its now so much easier. I find it easier than bottle feeding.

Fo me a twin nursing pillow was brilliant. its expensive but worth every penny because it means if both get hungry at the same time I can feed them both. But in the begining I could only feed one at a time.

In terms of diet... In the begining I was always doubting my supply but when I started fenugeek tablets and oats I have had no problems.

Good luck

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I am feeding mine. Beth feeds 100% from the boob and hates the bottle - in fact she refuses top ups. Katy is hit and miss at latching on so have been feeding them separately. On a good stint this can take an hour to feed both, on a bad feed you can go from one 3 hourly cycle to the next with no break at all. I am probably getting a total of 3 1/2 hours sleep a night at the moment.
I am trying to use a twin pillow and tandem feed but find it difficult to get both to latch on at the same time. I've actually put on our 'to do list' for this bank holiday weekend for my hubby to help me try and crack this.

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